Alonso High School Bands

HOME OF THE RAVENS    8302 Montague Street, Tampa, Florida 33615

Support Opportunities

Alonso High School Bands is a large, growing, and high achieving performing arts curriculum where excellence in musicianship, character, and leadership is emphasized.  We provide a top-quality band experience for the benefit of our student musicians, our school, and our local community while keeping our band dues as affordable as possible for parents.  To achieve this and to supplement low school operating budgets, we must engage in a vigorous fundraising program and depend on the generous in-kind and sponsorship support of individuals, funding organizations, and corporations for goods, services, and cash donations.   

Please consider Alonso High School Bands when reviewing your charitable options.  What better investment than music education whose impact on our students will be remembered and demonstrated throughout their lives?  All donations are tax-deductible to our registered not for profit organization/501(c)3.  

Our students and staff thank you in advance for your consideration.


Please make checks or money orders out to Alonso High School Band Boosters and note "donation" on the memo line  and mail to:

Alonso High School
Attention: Treasurer, Alonso Band Boosters
8302 Montague Street,  Tampa, FL  33615

If your employer has a matching grant program, please contact Sandy Anderson at as it could mean your costs/donations are matched and the band gets additional support we need.  We will assist with the paperwork necessary; we are a registered not for profit charitable organization.


  1. Febreeze room spray (odor neutral/allergy free)
  2. Febreeze clothing spray (odor neutral/allergy free)
  3. Lysol spray (odor neutral/allergy free)
  4. Lysol wipes – large containers
  5. Liquid hand soap
  6. Latex gloves
  7. Rubber bands – regular sizes/large bags of assorted (packs available at the Dollar Tree)
  8. Paper Towels
  9. Fairy lights (individual strands) for Snow Parade instrument decor
  10. Clothespins
  11. Smaller/compact totes with lids
  12. Sharpies – black
  13. Duct tape in the following colors: blue, purple, black, white, red, brown, yellow, green
  14. Tissues – large boxes
  15. Gender neutral spray deodorant
  16. Uniform compliant black long socks (to have on hand for the forgetful few – Dollar Tree)
  17. Square plastic laundry baskets (2 large and 2 small) for Lost and Found/Smaller items
  18. Velvet hangers
  19. Hair bands (Dollar Tree)
  20. Tabletop mannequin (1) retail display prop
  21. Rolling clothing rack (with wheels/two sided)
  22. Tee shirt tabletop retail display props
  23. Portable sewing machine
  24. Garment bags
  25. Bottled water
  26. Small- sized Gatorades
  27. Clothespins (to clip music to stands during outdoor performances)
  28. Bagged individual snacks (chips, cookies, popcorn)
  29. Hand sanitizers - large
  30. Lysol wipes
  31. Tissues - large
  32. Heavy duty extension cords

              Outgrown, clean, and gently used concert attire is accepted throughout the year: 
              1. Tuxedos
              2. White tuxedo shirts and black bow ties
              3. Black Cummerbunds
              4. Black dress shoes (men’s/women’s) and men’s black belts
              5. Black dress pants (men’s/women’s)
              6. Black dress button down shirts (men’s /women’s)
              7. Long black concert dresses (velvet/plain)


              Our AHS Band is comprised of “sections” by instrument; the trumpet section, the clarinet section, and so on. 

              These supplies will assist them to run their section more smoothly and keep cold and flu season in hand. Some may need to be replenished throughout the year. Send supplies in with your student for their section or for the general band replenishment. Ask them to give donations of supplies to Section Leaders. 


              1. Large, labeled by section with a Sharpie, bottles of hand sanitizer (may need to be replenished throughout the year)
              2. Plastic milk crate to organize music folders
              3. Over the door metal hangers for garment bags and jackets (Dollar Store)
              4. Air fresheners (on for each shelf in each cabinet) – please obtain odorless for allergy sensitivity
              5. Lint rollers
              6. Snack basket (basket with granola bars, protein bars) – parents may take turns replenishing 
              7. (allergy free - no peanut items please)
              8. Tissues – large boxes
              9. Sunblock (non-aerosol)
              10. Bug Spray (non-aerosol)
              11. Pencil holders
              12. Pencils – sharpened
              13. Nail polish remover pads
              14. Box of “Band-Aids” – adhesive bandages - assorted sizes
              15. Liquid hand soap – for the auditorium rest rooms (used by band/guard as a dressing room)
              16. Plain pump hand lotion (not heavily scented)
              17. EXPO Markers (dry erase markers)
              18. Emergency feminine hygiene products – light pads/tampons (please bag discreetly)
              19. Accordion folders
              20. Small plastic baskets or buckets to hold supplies/snacks in cabinets
              21. Cork grease
              22. Valve oil
              23. Slide grease
              GUARD NEEDS: 
              1. White electrical tape
              2. Black electrical tape
              3. Hair ties (coated rubber bands)
              4. Bobby pins
              5. Make up wipes – individual pads