Alonso High School Bands

HOME OF THE RAVENS    8302 Montague Street, Tampa, Florida 33615


RAVEN BAND MEMBERS SHARE a common spirit of pride, enthusiasm, and devotion to the band that extends far beyond their four years of high school. In addition to the highest quality, rigorous musical instruction there are many other benefits to joining band. 

CONFIDENCE: The experience of performing on the field and on stage provides an invaluable opportunity to build a sense of pride and self-confidence. 

FRIENDSHIP: The band is an expansive and highly integrated social community, where you will make friendships that will last a lifetime.

FUN: Enjoy football games from a unique perspective and participate in community events and more.  

LEADERSHIP: Band provides leadership training to all interested students, with opportunities for further in-depth training for selected students.  

OPPORTUNITIES: Band encourages habits and choices that move students towards excellence through a rich and diverse range of opportunities in and out of the classroom.  

TEAMWORK: Learn the value of working together and come to understand how your individual effort impacts the group as a whole.

MEMBERS OF THE TOUCH OF CLASS DANCE TEAM are expected to enroll in our Eurhythmics class. Please include your (3) elective choices in the space below that would include Eurhythmics. If you feel you do not have room for this class in your schedule but are still interested in being a Dance Team member, please list your class schedule in the space below.  

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