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This page is the product of former “new band parents” who spend a good bit of time during the first year in various stages of confusion. In the many hours spent watching practices, picking up our kids, and going to competitions, we have all felt confused, lost, and totally bewildered at one time or another. We hope this document will help ease you through the transition from “new” band parent to “veteran” band parent.
For most of us (parents and students alike), the transition from a middle school band programs to high school band programs is huge, especially with the addition of marching band. The increased expectations come with greater rewards in terms of your student’s accomplishments and the pride you will have in watching their accomplishments. 

The Alonso High School Marching Band program is supported by a parent run organization - the Alonso High School Band Boosters (AHSBB). The AHSBB exists solely through volunteer parents/guardians in order to help provide your student with an enjoyable and rewarding band experience. Please join us in meeting this challenge by volunteering your time and talents. The students will reap the benefits of your participation.  We welcome all new parents and look forward to getting to know you and your students!

Fees associated with participation with the band (marching, concert, & dance team) are outlined in the band handbook(s). The fees are used to offset the expense of running the marching and concert bands, including band camp, uniforms, transportation, staff, equipment, etc.

Concert Ensemble participation for wind/percussion students runs concurrently with marching band, however, there are no after school concert band rehearsals until after marching season is over. 

Band Booster meetings are held once a month beginning in September. The meeting begins usually at 6:30pm in the band room and usually does not last more than 30-45 minutes. Any change in the schedule will be posted on the website, Facebook or via charms email.  Your participation is most welcomed.
The marching band season starts as band camp ends. Practice continues after school during the week. Mrs. Griffis will provide your students with a practice schedule, which is typically every Tuesday and Thursday 4pm-7pm. Be sure to ask your student for the schedule. The schedule is also posted on our website and/or sent via email thru Charms. At Alonso there will be some Saturdays that have band events during the marching season such as all-day rehearsal, a competition, fundraiser and our Marching Music Performance Assessment (MPA).

The band performs their show at half time at all football games (Friday evenings – with a Thursday or two thrown in every once in a while), as well as "stands tunes" in the stands during the game. The band has a roped off section in the stands and many of the band parents sit together near the band.

The marching band performs with other high school bands twice in the fall. The festivals can be local or out of town. Your student is responsible for having a permission slip signed for all events (they cannot get on the bus without it). This form is one of the necessary pieces of paper that is signed at the end of band camp. Please come to as many events as you can. All of the students appreciate hearing the cheering from the stands. 

Your student will be issued a marching uniform consisting of a jacket, pants, and gauntlets, which are loaned to them, and they will purchase their own shako hat, marching shoes, and gloves (except percussion) through the Band Boosters.  Students will need to provide long black socks (at least mid calf). Students are responsible for assuring that they treat their uniform with care. At each event, the uniform is issued to the student on a labeled hanger. The student is responsible for returning the uniform properly hung to the parents in the uniform room. Uniforms and gauntlets are sent out for dry cleaning throughout the year. The uniform or gauntlets should not be removed without permission from Mrs. Griffis.

Each student is also issued an Alonso Band t-shirt and shorts, which is to be worn to school on Fridays during marching band season. The shirt is also worn under their uniform at all marching events. Students must wear shorts under their uniform and denim material is prohibited.

It is imperative that your student comes to each event prepared! They should have their instrument, music (if needed), CLEAN shoes, hat, gloves, and black socks (at least mid-calf). Without these items – they will not be able to participate and will be marked down on their grade.
The Touch of Class Dance Team serves as the “visual flavor” of the Marching Ravens, performing with dance, flag, rifle, and sabre ensembles. Dance Team members are dedicated performers, participating at all Alonso Football Games, Pep Rallies, Band Concerts, Solo Ensemble, and Parades. The Dance Team performers are all selected by an audition process and work hard to produce quality routines and visual excitement for the Raven Marching Band Halftime Show. 
During the year, but especially during marching season, the students need many helping hands behind the scenes to make their shows successful. As your student enters high school, this is one of the many opportunities you may have to stay involved with their activities and get to know the kids they spend a great deal of their time with through the week. The students realize very quickly that marching band doesn’t happen without a lot of parental support. 

The boosters will need help in these areas and more: 

  1. Uniform fittings and alterations.
  2. Cleaning and organizing the uniform and equipment rooms.
  3. Parking fee collection or concessions at home games.
  4. Lost and bewildered parents and students find their way.
  5. Pack coolers with water bottles and ice; distribute to band members during football games and competitions.
  6. Setting up equipment for performances and football games.
  7. Wiping down bleachers where students will be seated and rope off the band section.
  8. Distribute uniforms to the section leaders.
  9. Assisting the Dance Team in the dressing room.
  10. Sell gloves as needed in uniform room.
  11. Assist students with uniform emergencies (my zipper won’t zip, my gauntlets don’t fit, etc.)
  12. Assimilate students in line to march to field or board buses.
  13. Drive the instrument truck to our destination and back.
  14. Get equipment on and off the field during half-time shows and events (drum major podiums, props, instruments).
  15. Chaperone events, including water distribution, the 3rd quarter concession run, etc.
  16. Help with post-event uniform collection, inspection and instruction on hanging of uniforms.
  17. Help with any other special talents or skills you have to offer the program!
  18. Planning and creative suggestions on Senior Night, Band Banquet, and Band Picnic.

   All volunteers must complete a SERVE form and log their hours in the volunteer book, kept in the uniform room.  All volunteers should wear nametags and their band booster shirts at all events.
Band Picnic - It has been a tradition to gather for a pre-marching season picnic where we meet and catch up from the summer. It is also a time to get to know the new marching band students and parents that have transitioned from middle school or from another location. We also begin to reflect on the activities that lay ahead and how we will meet the student’s and the programs needs. Pizza, soda, chips, burgers, hot dogs, water, and lots of fun are provided.

Senior Night – It has been a tradition to honor our senior students and their parents prior to the game. Students are escorted onto the field by their parents or significant other family members to be greeted and acknowledged by the principal and band director. Try to be there for Senior Night to see the presentation.

Band Banquet – It has been a tradition for us to celebrate our successful year with students, family and faculty for an end-of-year banquet. A chosen venue is transformed into a theme-appropriate party experience including dinner, videos, and award presentations. The highlight of the evening includes the announcement of next season's marching show.
Mrs. Griffis, the staff, and the booster organization want this to be a positive experience for all the students and their families. Here are some helpful hints (learned from our own experiences):

  1. Hold your child responsible for being prepared. The first time they forget something, will likely be the last. They really do learn to be resourceful when they have to be.
  2. If you are early, you are on time. If you are on time, you are late. This means that students are expected to arrive for scheduled practice and report times no later than 15 minutes early so they are in position and ready to rehearse at the scheduled start time.
  3. When you pick up your child from practice, try to be there a little early: the staff cannot leave the premises until all students have been picked up. This is a safety issue for students as well as the staff. Mrs. Griffis and the staff have families of their own and do want to see them.
  4. Mrs. Griffis and the staff try very hard to end practice at the scheduled time. Occasionally practice may run over. Please be patient…it is usually for a good reason.
  5. Ask your student for the schedule each week, but be prepared for changes.
  6. Check the website often.
  7. Network – Take the opportunity to meet other parents (after practice, at games & competitions, fundraising activities, etc.). This is how we all meet each other. It is also the best way to find carpools and get helpful hints on band parenting from others.
  8. Be prepared to cheer! The band loves it when they have their own cheering section at games and competitions. 
  9. Keep all small uniform items (socks, shoes, gloves, etc.) in a bag with the student's name on it so you won’t spend time hunting for them when needed.
  10. Don’t hesitate to ask any of the “veteran” band parents or AHS board members any questions you may have on your mind. We’ve all been there and are anxious to help.
  11. Make sure your student has the required reeds, mouthpieces, valve oil, slide grease, and mallets needed for their instrument to be in working condition at all times. If your student does not come prepared their grades will be affected. 
   The support and assistance of parent chaperones assists in the success of band activities. A parent’s involvement demonstrates support for their child in his/her musical endeavors. Parents as well as students should receive utmost RESPECT and COURTESY at all times.

Chaperones are expected to support the philosophy of the program as stated by the Band Director. Chaperones will ride on the buses and stay with the band during the entire activity. Anyone who volunteers to be a chaperone accepts certain responsibilities as “away-from-home parents” and will be expected to carry out assigned duties. Punctuality is necessary. Chaperones are prohibited from consuming alcoholic beverages immediately before or during band activities and trips. Smoking is not allowed. All rules and guidelines are made with the safety and welfare of the band members in mind. 

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. The chaperone “uniform” consists of an AHS band booster polo shirt. Be sure if you are moving equipment you are wearing sneakers. If parents are ever needed for on-field equipment moving, there will be a set uniform.
  2. The bus leader will retrieve the bus attendance/medical form binders from the Band Director’s office before loading the bus and will take roll call when departing both home and the away site.
  3. See that all AHS Band and Dance Team rules are followed. Basic rules appear in the  band handbook(s). The Volunteer Coordinator will provide more specific rules and procedures as needed.
  4. While the band is out of the stands (performing or during third quarter break) some chaperones will stay to watch the seating area, while most while most will help with equipment.
  5. Individual permission for a student to leave the seating area may only be granted by the Band Director.
  6. The band will not leave the seating area until instructed to do so by the Band Director or Drum Major(s).  Restrooms can be used during the third quarter when the band is dismissed for break.
  7. After the band has left the seating area at the end of the game, check to be sure that all trash is picked up and put into garbage bags, and that no items have been left behind.
  8. For safety reasons, when leaving a football game, close all bus windows and keep them closed until the bus is several blocks away from the stadium.
  9. When the students have left the buses at the conclusion of a trip, check that no belongings have been left behind.
  10. If you have a problem with any student failing to follow directions or showing disrespect, see the Band Director immediately. The role of a chaperone is to guide and assist. The Band Director  will handle all discipline problems.
  11. If a student becomes ill enough (in the opinion of a chaperone) to warrant calling his/her parents, the Band Director should be informed of the situation and will be responsible for contacting and discussing the problem with the parents. 
  12. Please be reminded that your children who are not band members will have to pay to enter any games or band events.
  13. Parents are to act professional at all times and if they have a problem with a staff member to report directly to the Band Director.
  14. Make sure we have your e-mail so you can receive important information. 
  15. Please do not interfere with the Band Director and staff while they are teaching. 
We hope this document has been helpful.  Anytime you feel lost, tap a “veteran” parent on the shoulder and ask for help.  Our main goal is for each of the students to have a great experience being part of the Alonso High School Marching Band.  As stated earlier, we are a parent run organization.  We look forward to getting to know each and EVERY family.  Each student and their parents contribute to the band programs and make it a great place to be.