Alonso High School Bands

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The Alonso High School Bands are great programs that help develop confidence, a positive attitude, self-esteem, cooperation, and self-discipline.  It also gives members the thrill of performing in a superior band in front of hundreds of enthusiastic fans.  It takes a great amount of time, discipline, and dedication, but the rewards are equally great.  There are countless benefits to being part of the Alonso Band family.



The Alonso High School Concert Band is open to all students at Alonso. The band is divided into a woodwind class and a brass/percussion class. Concert attire for Concert Band is black dress pants/shirt/shoes/socks/belt. Ladies also have the option to purchase the black band dress. 


Students with interest in participating in the Alonso High School Jazz Program will audition with the Band Director.  Jazz is an elective class and all forms of jazz and all time periods are studied and performed.  

In addition to performing at school concerts and in the local community, the Jazz Ensembles participate in a music performance assessment (MPA) successfully at the District and State level.  For smaller community venues, a Jazz Combo is also available to perform.  Performance dress for student musicians in jazz consists of all black; black shirt, socks, pants, belt, shoes, and a uniform tie is provided by the school.  


Membership in the Alonso Symphonic band is based on audition. The Symphonic Band consistently performs at all concert and music performance assessments.  Concert attire for Symphonic Band is black dress pants/ shirt/ shoes/ socks/ belt. Ladies also have the option to purchase the black band dress. 


The Alonso Wind Ensemble is the top-auditioned group of the Alonso  Band Program. The Wind Ensemble performs the highest level of the concert band repertoire, and performs at several concerts and all Music Performance Assessments, both district and state level. Concert attire for Wind Ensemble is a black tuxedo for gentleman, and black band dress for ladies.




1. With so many required subjects, will I be able to fit band into my schedule?  

Absolutely!  All high school students are required to take one full year of Fine Arts to graduate. Band counts as that graduation requirement.  If you take band as a class next year, you'll still have room for other electives in your schedule.  Since you have to take a Fine Arts course anyway, it might as well be band!

2. Band takes up so much time.  Will I have time to study?  

The academic success of our band students is evidence that study time is available.  Most students in band are at the top of their class, in Honors/AP classes, clubs, sports, etc.  Band members learn to manage their time wisely.  The marching  band generally rehearses only (2) days a week during the first (12) weeks of school.  After that, band rehearsals are once a week or less.  You will get your homework done if you manage your time appropriately!

3. Can I be in both sports and band? 

Yes.  Sometimes we have to work out schedules, but it can be done.  Band students are given a calendar of events for the entire year to know ahead of time when activities are planned.  If you plan to participate in a fall sports, please talk to Mrs. Griffis about your options.

4. Can I also be in jazz band? 

Absolutely.  Jazz Ensemble is a separate class though.  Students must first be a member of a Band I-IV class.  Then if your schedule permits, you can add Jazz Ensemble as a second music elective.  Students may not ONLY be in the jazz band class; unless they play guitar, bass guitar or jazz piano.

5. When does the band rehearse?  

Tuesdays and Thursdays after school until 6:00pm (during marching band season).  Times may change a little based on the new bell schedules.

6. Is there a fee being in band? 

Yes, there are fees to help pay for the expenses of being a band member.  Many students get their fees paid participating in the various fundraising efforts we do during the year.  Lack of money should never be the reason to miss out on the high school band experience.  You can always work a payment plan out with the band director if there is a problem paying fees.  

7. Does the band travel? 

Yes, the band goes to all home and away football games (except for BYE week).  For away games, the students meet at AHS and take school buses to the destination school.  We also travel to the Concert Band Music Performance Assessments, marching band competitions, local parades and community events.  Other trip opportunities are considered as well including in-state and out-of-state destinations.