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CutTime Replaces Charms


Hi Band Families!

Per this week’s director’s update, we will no longer be using the CHARMS program. Per district mandate, we have switched to a new platform called CutTime. It has all the same features as Charms: calendar, volunteer sign up, sheet music, ability to make payments, etc. but in a much more user friendly form. There are a few major difference we want to make sure you’re aware of.

CutTime does not pair up with PayPal so please do not make any more payments through PayPal in Charms. We will be using CutTime's payment platform called AffiniPay. There will be a 3% fee added to all debit/credit card transactions. It accepts Visa, MC, and Discover but does not accept American Express. Remember - you still have the option of sending in cash or checks if you don't want to pay the additional fee. All account balances and reports have been moved over from Charms. Any unpaid fixed band, dance and miscellaneous fees have been itemized. For those that are paid in full in Charms, CutTime will show "You have no financial obligations or payment history".  For those that have a credit balance, it is listed separately under the financials tab. If you would like to use the credit, please email our Booster treasurer, Brandi Gracyalny, at since there is no “transfer request” button like there was in CHARMS.

There is no app for CutTime, only use their website. There is a "Cut Time" app available, but it is not associated with this platform. This website is able to be accessed on phones/tablets – please use Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge instead of Safari/Internet Explorer.

The calendar in CutTime has an option to sync with your Google calendar. There are step-by-step instructions in CutTime to assist you.


You all will be receiving an invite to sign up for CutTime. You must accept this invitation in order to access CutTime. 

Unlike Charms, each person (student and parent/guardian) will have their own, unique username and password. Once you receive the invite, log in by creating a username and password. 

All other info has been transferred from Charms to CutTime but please review all entered info (address, phone, etc) and update if needed. Also, please add the student’s uniform sizes (height, weight, chest, waist, hip, t-shirt size, glove size, shoe size, etc.). This will help tremendously with pep gear and marching uniform fittings next school year. 

There is only one email address allowed per person so, if you don't get receive the CutTime invite, contact Mrs. Anderson at or if you receive the invite on an email you don't often check, please update the email address within the profile. 

CutTime and Canvas Announcements/messages will now be our primary mode of getting band information out to you all so please be sure to use an email address you check frequently.

Please feel free to reach out to me or Mrs. Anderson if you have any questions or issues logging into CutTime.

We are looking forward to this transition into a new and better program! GO RAVENS!

Mrs. Griffis

Director of Bands

Alonso High School