Alonso High School Bands

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Band camp is held in late July/early August a couple of weeks prior to the start of school. Dates and times are always announced before the end of the school year. The staff and students work very hard throughout those days. The scheduled start and stop times may vary as well. It is important for the students to attend as many of those sessions as possible because this is when they begin to learn the music for their marching band show.  The officers and staff work hard to provide a nurturing environment for new members of the Raven marching band.  You can look forward to a great productive camp that will give you a tremendous sense of accomplishment and pride.

Students will get quite a workout. Be prepared for plenty of sweating therefore hydrate with water the night before and during the day often.  It is an experience most of the kids “love to hate.” Some portions of camp may take place indoors while most will take place outdoors. Make sure your students dress appropriately – t-shirts, shorts, comfortable sneakers, hat, and plenty of sunscreen. This is marching band and we live in FLORIDA! Bring a large water container – unlimited refills are available throughout the day – water is your best friend. Have your student drink a bottle of water before and after rehearsal as well so they will stay hydrated.

Band Camp culminates with a “show-n-tell” for the band families. It is great fun to come out and see how far the kids have come in just two short weeks. We plan for a parent meeting following the show-n-tell, so you can meet the staff, and the booster organization and complete and have notarized necessary paper work for the school year.

A major benefit of band camp – when your freshman or new marching band student arrives for the first day of high school, he or she will already be a part of a well respected group and will have a whole new group of friends (across all grades) to help with the transition into high school. Our band students look out for each other and especially for the new members.

Attendance at all band camp dates/times is expected.  Please make every effort to arrange vacations, doctor’s visits, jobs, family time, etc. at a time other than band camp.  IT is important that we accomplish as much as possible during band camp so we can be on track as we head into the school year.

One of the most important skills needed to be a successful high school student is punctuality. This is particularly important for all band activities. If something should cause you to run late, call your section leader ASAP BEFORE you are supposed to arrive so that the officers, staff, and director know where you are.

Perhaps most important of all is to come to camp with a positive attitude ready to try new things!!! Being a part of a high school marching band is one of the most positive experiences you can have – be prepared to work hard, be productive, and to have a great time getting better!


Dress for rehearsals - rehearsals take place both indoors and outdoors

  • Light-weight, light-colored, loose fitting athletic clothes. Clothes should be cool, comfortable, in good taste, and keep sun protection in mind. Shoulders should be covered for sun protection. No jeans or swim suits. School Dress Code Always Applies.
  • Hats and sunglasses are advised for sun and heat protection. 
  • Sunscreen is a MUST!
  • Tennis shoes with athletic socks are also required for rehearsal. Slide on shoes are not permitted.
  • Water bottles required for camp - please be sure to have a water bottle/jug/camelback with a strap so that you can hang it from the fence during rehearsal.
  • Put your name on all personal items (instruments, bags, etc.)! The band staff and school does not assume any responsibility for loss or damage to person items, including electronic devices.
  • Bring Dinner (required for 12pm-8pm days)!! Students can have dinner dropped off at 5pm at Alonso by the cafeteria. Do not bring caffeinated soda, energy drinks or dairy. Students are expected to eat prior to band camp – drink lots of water!
  • School Policy and Band Rules are enforced at all times (24/7) at all activities, no exceptions. Band handbook can be found via Canvas and
  • Courtesy and Respect for everyone is a band tradition. Exemplary conduct, discipline, attitude, and good manners are expected. Pranks and hazing are not permitted.


  • Complete Athletic Clearance process, including safety videos with certificates and correct documents uploaded! MUST be completed before first day of camp! 
  • Parent/guardian present on camp check-in day.
  • Print all warm-ups, show music, and stand tunes from Canvas OR CutTime. 
  • Order your flip folder and lyre for YOUR instrument so you can see your music (available on Amazon – be sure to include instrument AND brand when searching!) 
  • Have cash, check, or credit card ready to make payments at kickoff check-in day. 
  • Have water jug, athletic clothing and tennis shoes ready to go!